Easy Peasy Bed Assembly.

Our bed assembles in under five minutes. No tools. No fuss.

At Plyhome, most of our furniture arrives ready to go, but our beds do need assembly. This is more the "One person, 5-minutes, no tools" variety of assembly. The "So easy the kids could make their beds...literally"  kind. The one where you don't actually need the instruction manual.
For real! Just watch the quick video below...


With Plyhome beds, you don't need to think about whether the power drill is charged, how much time you'll need or the patience required for poorly translated instructions. You don't have to revisit your intense dislike of Allen keys or gear up for the mental pain of a few hours lost in flat-pack fun. We're the opposite of all that. 5 minutes (if that!), one person, job done. 

No Tools Required. 

Plyhome is designed by people who actually understand time-poor parenting and that furniture assembly is way, way down the priority list. Our beds simply click together. No power tools, no allen keys (sorry, Allen). No nuts, no bolts, no screws. Yet, they boast a weight tolerance of over 350 kg. Clever huh!