The Plyhome 5-Way Cot


The wait is very nearly over!  After years of design evolution, the Plyhome 5-way cot isn’t far off. This beautiful design piece is designed to exceed NZ/AU safety standards and happens to be an extremely hard worker too. 

5 stages of use is great for longevity in your home, and sustainability for the planet, but it's also designed to make parenting easier. 

This is not us talking it up large: an actual mum has had a role in this design process and knows first-hand how changing of sheets and lowering of the mattress level can be really difficult with most cots. The Plyhome 5-way cot is design engineered with actual parenting in mind. The 2am kind. The super hard-working and sleep deprived kind.  


Kids are expensive, so we’ve designed the Plyhome cot for maximum longevity in your home. It will absolutely stand up to the knocks and comes with our standard 25-year warranty.

  1.  HIGH-LEVEL BASINETTE: Ideal for newbies who need frequent lifting in and out of the cot.
  2. LOW-LEVEL COT: When your child is nearly ready to sit up, easily drop the mattress base to convert the cot to a lower mattress level (a 1 person,2 minutes sort of job again: with no need for allen keys or power tools).
  3. TRUE TODDLER BED: Make the transition to a big kid’s bed super easy: take one side off, then both. Ask any pre-schooler and they’ll tell you…big kids don’t sleep in cots! Which is exactly why this one actually looks like a proper bed, with both sides off. But wait, it gets better! You can use the toddler bed with a headboard and footer or just a header, depending on your preference. With no conversion kit needed.
  4. SOFA: Once they've grown out of the mattress length-wise (most kids should make it to at least 4, just add the (optional) slot-on bookshelves and you’ll get another few years out of the cot as a reading or (ahem) tech space that even the big kids love.
  5. OTTOMAN: Take both the header and footer off, and you’ve got the ultimate luxe ottoman for the playroom, and even better – with a fitted sheet (our favourite is jersey cotton for the ultimate softness), you can swap-up the look AND it will always be sparkly clean! (if you can get to the bottom of the washing pile that is). 


  • FREE SHIPPING: To all NZ Urban Addresses, and a small, very reasonable fee for rural delivery addresses.

  • EASY ASSEMBLY: In under ten minutes WITHOUT the instruction manual, power tools or an Allen key. Sorry Allen.

  • SENSIBLE DESIGN: Change the cot sheets without contorting a back already sore from pregnancy and labour.

  • NO NASTIES: Made from premium birch ply with kid-friendly finishes: no nasties to ingest when first teeth appear and your child decides to start eating furniture.

  • SUPER STRONG: Birch ply is on par with steel for strength and this beauty will see your child right through to their pre-school years.

  • SAFETY FIRST: Because we know kids and how quickly they acquire monkey climbing tendencies. Lowering the mattress base just got easy.

  • 25 YEAR QUALITY GUARANTEE: Your kids will definitely be all about sustainability and longevity by the time they're wanting to have kids themselves, so Plyhome furniture is designed with generational use in mind. Or we'd love you to pass it onto friends and family. We stand by the quality so much, we're offering a 25 year quality guarantee. You don't see that much these days...

We are super proud of our little kiwi innovation, and can't wait to bring it to you: register for our wait list today