Why Plyhome?

Welcome! Come on in! Thanks so much for stopping by. Why did we start Plyhome and who are we? read this. For information about what Plyhome is all about, just read on. 

Plyhome is Flat-Pack Furniture

...just not flat-pack furniture as you know it.

We love the concept of flat pack furniture, but not the reality of a few hours with an Allen key.
We aren’t fans of metal screws on the outside surfaces of furniture (it instantly ruins those beautiful clean lines!), and don’t see why furniture should chip, wobble, feel flimsy and be made from chemically loaded material coated in chemically loaded finishes.
Instructions that don’t make sense? No thanks. Plyhome is the opposite of all this. Because life with kids is busy enough without an unnecessary flat-pack “discussion” with your beloved. We’ve all been there…

Plyhome is simple design.

Simple to assemble, beautiful to look at and a sense of achievement to boot: our furniture connects together so ridiculously easily, you barely need the instructions. True story! Why? Because good design is simple design. Speaking of which, our designs are protected because we believe in them so much.
Behind the simple look is solid engineering and design obsession. The Plyhome 4 way cot is New Zealand Registered Design, number 421691 and the beds and bunk are protected under NZ Registered Design, number 421692.

Plyhome is beautiful birch.

Plywood is a timeless and natural stunner. It provides a welcoming setting and natural match for all types of bedding and styles of home, from villa to contemporary.  
But not all plywood is created equal. Naturally, Plyhome furniture is made from the best available - European Birch. Read about the birch we've selected and the finishes that are available
So...that's what we're all about. Shop our initial kid’s collection, designed to exceed NZ safety standards.
It's 100% non-toxic, because kids do weird things... like try to eat furniture.
No kids? Keep an eye on us because just like a good ol’ kiwi DIY project, we have expansion plans. Big ones.