Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? It should be covered off here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? It should be covered off here


Who designs & manufactures Plyhome furniture?

We do! Plyhome furniture is proudly designed and built by us from our workshop on the West Coast, NZ.

Is Plyhome furniture strong?

Definitely! All of our products are extremely sturdy and durable. Find out more.

What is this 'grown-up aesthetic' you speak of?

Pleased you asked! At Plyhome, we think that although kids use our furniture, there’s no need for it to scream “I am kid's furniture” in terms of design.

Our thinking is that the furniture should blend into the rest of your home and be something that can outgrow your kids - because it will last that long! The junior table, for example can be happily used as a stylish bedside table or side table once the kids are big.

I don't like flat-pack furniture. What's so different about Plyhome?

Most of our furniture arrives assembles, but for anything that does require assembly (e.g. our beds), it's still flat-pack, just not as you know it.

14 months of product development went into ensuring that Plyhome furniture not only looks beautiful, but is a high performer too. Some of our storage units and smaller items come pre-assembled.

Easy Assembly: no screws, bolts or Allen keys. The instructions are ridiculously easy to follow – if you actually need them. We tested some kids, and they put a bed together intuitively - just like a puzzle!

Plus, if you ever need to disassemble the furniture to move houses, it’s just as easy to do that too, with no annoying little parts to lose.

You’re welcome.  

Quality materials: no MDF here, buddy. Just premium European birch with a beautiful wood grain (and that’s REAL wood grain with a clear coating over the top, not some awful fake engineered wood grain by the way).

Beautiful design: We love clean lines in furniture, without screws. Simple, really. Once you get the eye for this, you won’t go back - you’ll start seeing screws in other furniture everywhere you look.

Sorry about that.

Will my furniture look like the website photos?

Design-wise? Absolutely. But because Plyhome is made from a natural material with a genuinely natural woodgrain, each and every piece has its own unique appearance. In a mass produced world, we think that’s kind of a big deal. The product images on our website are intended to represent the natural material we use and show its various characteristics, but they can’t show all possible variations in colour, texture and grain. Each piece is just a little bit unique!


What is Plyhome furniture made from?

All Plyhome furniture is made from 18mm European Birch Plywood. We know this seems weird when NZ has a strong forestry industry, but Radiata pine just can’t beat the birch we’ve chosen.

Europe’s cold climate ensures slower growth, which means a consistently high quality grain. It’s also very, very durable: incredibly strong in fact.

What is Plywood?

Plywood is best described as pressed timber. The 18mm birch plywood we use is a panel made up of 13 thin multiple cross-banded veneers, each 1.4mm thick.

In non-engineering speak, this means that each alternate layer is laid crosswise (so the grain of two consecutive layers form a 90 degree angle). This results in reduced expansion & shrinkage and increased strength.

Plywood uses the entire log in the manufacturing process resulting in minimal waste. Read more about why we chose this particular species.

What is the finish used on Plyhome furniture?

Water-based of course! Pebble, toffee and lava have a water-based stain, followed by a water-based top coat. These coatings are all Formaldehyde free, Isocyanate free and Pthalate free, and comply with the Green Building Council Australia Green Star.

The exposed edges on the HPL are finished with an environmentally-friendly wax polish designed for easy clean, and to seal and protect while providing a heat and alcohol resistant coating. Made from a blend of beeswax and tree oils, MIROWAX 738 is a multi-purpose finishing wax that is both non-flammable and non-toxic - perfectly safe for use on children's furniture!


Is Plyhome furniture easy to assemble?

Yes! That was really important to us as we can’t stand spending hours on flat-pack with complex instructions and hundreds of tiny parts. It’s one of our least favourite things to do.  

The beauty of Plyhome furniture is that there are no fiddly parts to lose, and the assembly process is simple. You’ll be emailed the instructions (they’ll be in the packaging too). Just make sure you assemble the furniture on a soft surface. Some of our storage and smaller units come pre-assembled too - bonus!

How do I assemble Plyhome furniture?

This depends on which item you have purchased. But this isn’t “assembly by brute force”. We’d like you to use an approach you probably tell your kids: “gentle hands please”.

You will be emailed your instructions. Don’t fret if you prefer paper, a visual step-by-step guide will be in the package too. Have a helper on hand if you like, but one person can totally do this solo.

If you get stuck, we’re here to help! Just call 0800 PLYHOME and we’ll walk you through it, or email with the words “HELP ME” in the subject line.

If you need to disassemble your furniture, it’s an equally simple process. Again, instructions will be emailed to you and will be in the package.

Plyhome is built to take the knocks, but really rough handling may damage it, so just take care before pulling it apart.

How should I care for Plyhome furniture?

The flat surfaces of your furniture can be cleaned by most household cleaners, but all you should really need is a soft damp cloth.

You need to be a bit more careful about the edges of the furniture – don’t use anything abrasive. If in doubt, call us on 0800PLYHOME.

Wipe up any spills straight away and be aware that if you place your furniture in direct sunlight, it may cause the grain to fade over time.

We also recommend that it’s not placed very close to heating or air conditioning ducts.

My kids think they're superheroes. Can your furniture be repaired if they damage it?

Yes! Our furniture is built to be able to take the knocks. But even our stuff has its limits. If your kids have been really rough on the furniture and they manage to ding or scratch it, we can repair it. You don’t need to send the whole item to us, just the part that’s damaged – but call on us 0800 PLYHOME and we’ll get you a quote and explain how it works.

I need a replacement part. Can I get one?

Sure can. You can purchase any replacement parts/hardware for your furniture by emailing us at


How long will my furniture take to make?

Plyhome isn’t mass produced; each piece is hand-finished with pride. That takes time as opposed to just rolling off a production line. Our current production schedule currently takes around 10 working days from confirmation that your order has been processed (payment received) to make your item. Please then add shipping times on top of that (see ‘Shipping’ – below). We will update you once your item has left the workshop.

Can you do urgent orders?

Depending on our production schedule at the time, it may be possible: we have been known to work miracles, so it’s worth asking. Call us on 08007594663 (0800 plyhome) or

Can you do bulk orders?

Yes, provided generous notice is given. Because it’s built to last, and packs down easily, Plyhome is perfect for commercial environments too.


Can I buy the bed frame without a mattress? I already have one.

Of course! The mattress is an optional add-on for the Toddler bed, Single bed and the King Single bed.

Do I need to think about a specific mattress size?

Sure do.

The Plyhome Toddler Bed is designed for a mattress 1300mm x 690mm. This is the standard NZ size. We recommend a mattress depth of 150mm.

The Plyhome Junior bed is available in two sizes, and takes a standard NZ Single mattress (910mm x 1900mm) or standard NZ King Single mattress (1060mm x 2030mm). Again, we recommend a mattress depth of 150mm.


Plyhome furniture has a 25-year warranty. What does this cover?

This covers any manufacturing faults or defects in relation to:

  • Construction of the furniture products (excluding customer assembly)
  • Workmanship and manufacturing
  • All timber related joints and final pre-assembly components

This warranty does not cover wear, tear or damage caused by misuse, improper maintenance, modification in any way, accident, or failure to follow assembly/care instructions.

The 25-year warranty is valid from the date of order and is available to the original purchaser of the product only.

We take pride in the quality and reliability of our designs, manufacturing and finishing, but please always lift and move furniture with care as opposed to dragging it across the floor.

Because Plyhome furniture is made from a natural product, your home's environment can impact its performance and appearance. Strong direct sunlight, humidity and quickly changing temperatures can result in your furniture shrinking, expanding, bowing, splitting and changing colour - none of which are protected under warranty.

We recommend you do not place our furniture near heating or air-conditioning vents.

To make a warranty claim, email us on or call us on 0800PLYHOME

Question not covered? Feel free to contact us

PH: 0800 PLYHOME (759 4663)