The Plyhome Toddler Bed
The Plyhome Toddler Bed
The Plyhome Toddler Bed
The Plyhome Toddler Bed
The Plyhome Toddler Bed
The Plyhome Toddler Bed
The Plyhome Toddler Bed
The Plyhome Toddler Bed

The Plyhome Toddler Bed

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A Bed Especially for Toddlers

Just for the preschoolers, this is the best little toddler bed available in NZ, sized to fit a standard NZ cot mattress. A beautiful item of furniture with well thought out features, The Plyhome Toddler Bed is ideal for easing  kids into their first proper bed and perfect for homes with limited floor space in the kid's room. The Plyhome Toddler Bed will last them until at least 4 and a half yrs old. 

Please note: Price is for the frame only. The Plyhome Mattress is also available.


  • Mini guardrail

    Provides a sense of security and gently supports little kids learning to sleep in a bed (anything that avoids a broken nights sleep is a really, really great thing!)

  • Lower to the ground

    Encourages pre-schooler independence getting in and out bed on their own. Because the night they achieve an unaided night-time bathroom visit is a big deal for everyone's sleep.

  • Super strong 

    We tried really hard to break this bed in weight tolerance testing, but ran out of weights at 370kgs! That eclipses what most children’s beds offer and it’s definitely good to go for bedtime stories.

  • Slat base 

    Slats offer the very best option for mattress ventilation (NZ’s humidity means high rates of dust mites, which in turn can trigger both allergies and asthma). They also offer good, firm support for those growing backs. The middle section of slats are locked into place on the bed frame with dowels, and the rest sit in custom cut grooves, so assembly couldn’t be easier. The slat base is the perfect pair for an inner-sprung mattress (you can see ours here)

  • Lightweight enough for easy moving 

    Whether for vacuuming, or for those of us who love to change rooms around.

  • Quick, simple assembly/disassembly 

    It’s flat-pack, just not as you know it. No visible screws, no bolts, no allen keys, no frustrating instructions. Assembly so easy that you can get the kids to make their own bed. Literally. If you’re moving houses, you’ll really love it! No fiddly parts to lose, no disassembly and re-assembly missions. No flat-pack related relationship 'discussions'. You’ll have it sorted in minutes. Beautiful made simple.

  • Easy clean

    The completely smooth finish is easily wiped clean. Because you know: kids are messy.

  • Unique leg design 

    Great to look at, but also for the practical benefit of easy under-bed floor cleaning. Designed for Asthma kids but actually,it’s healthy for everyone. Because, let’s all just admit it: sometimes we don’t completely shift the furniture around for vacuuming.

  • Seven finishes available

    • Water-based clear coating to show the natural birch grain; Or
    • Water-based stain in three colourways: ‘Lava’ (nearly black), ‘Pebble’ (light grey), and ‘Toffee’ (mid-brown). Stained options also have an additional protective water based clear coat on top of the stain; Or
    • High Performance Laminate (HPL) on top of the birch for extra durability. Available in three colourways: ‘Matte White’, ‘Matte Black’ and ‘Smokey Olive’ (mid-grey).  The HPL covers the surface faces of the birch timber only, the ply edges still show.


Made from European Birch plywood from an FSC Certified mill using sustainable timbers, ISO 9001 certified and FSC-STD-40-004, Attestation Emmission Class E1, Complies with CARB Phase 2 and TSCA Title VI.  That’s a whole bunch of science talk to basically say you can rest easy knowing that your kids are surrounded by a material that’s safe and produced in an environmentally friendly way.

All surfaces are sealed with a water-based kid-friendly finish (AKA, a protective layer if your kids are like ours and leave questionable fingerprints on everything).


A water-dampened soft cleaning cloth is the most you’ll normally need, but for majors (they happen!), almost all normal household cleaning products or disinfectants are fine - as long as they are not abrasive or highly alkaline. Any doubts just contact us and we’ll be happy to advise.

Plyhome is designed to take the knocks with an extremely hard wearing surface, but if your kids really do a number on it and somehow manage to scratch/ding it, the great news is that a repair is possible and because it’s so easy to disassemble, you can send the damaged panel to us, we can repair then return to you. Just contact us for a quote.


Assembled Dimensions: 1390mm Length x 756mm Width x 330mm Height (to top of footer) / 500mm Height (to top of header).

Designed to fit a standard NZ sized cot mattress (1300mm L x 690mm W. Recommended mattress height 150mm). 


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