Our Story

We started with a scribble.

Plyhome Sketch

It bears zero resemblance to our furniture today, but this is what was presented by one Co-Founder (Anna) to the other (Euripides) when meeting to discuss some custom-made bunks. They quickly figured out that they had complementary skills and decided to build a business instead.  

It was an interesting business pairing, with each having completely different backgrounds and different life stages when they met: 25 vs 38. No kids yet vs two. Learn-as-you-go and hands on career building vs formal uni education + corporate commercial career.

But the partnership worked, and furniture designed by a guy with backgrounds in both engineering & joinery and influenced by a mum (who added both a parenting perspective and love of grown-up design) definitely hit the mark and was soon being sent to homes from one end of New Zealand to the other.  Here's a little more about our Co-Founders, and where we're at now! 


A humble head-down-get-it-done kind of guy. A true kiwi innovator and  one super clever designer. No “professional” design quals: just absolute  natural talent, a perfectionist streak and a true-grit work ethic. He is totally obsessed with connection details, premium materials and combining high tech manufacturing systems with fine craftsmanship. 


A marketing mum of two, Anna loves kids products that are design driven, while dealing to real parental frustrations: such as being able to change the sheets on a cot without getting a back injury. If she ever meets Allen (Key) she is going to have a serious discussion with him. Doesn’t like  unnecessary packaging but does love collecting unnecessary cushions. 


Over time, it became very clear that two creative brains with zero background in manufacturing operations meant we had a bit of a 'skills gap' as they say in HR. It's a long story (you can read the short version here ), but Plyhome now has a much bigger team, with production now based in Greymouth, South Island NZ. We're working on a much wider furniture range, including some for the grown-ups too. Watch this space!